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"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for doing such an amazing job on the flowers!! They are absolutely perfect, exactly what I dreamed of!  I really appreciate you making the picture in my head come to life."

Hello, my name is Jennifer Pack Davis.  I am a studio event florist and event designer/planner that started this amazing business in my basement.  I have always loved creating beautiful experiences for my family and friends and now I am able to do it for a living.  Making people feel welcome is just something that I love to do.  I want the experiences that we create together to be ones that last in your hearts and minds forever.  I want to create things that have the feeling of effortless beauty.  

My goal is for all of my clients to feel like I am able to look into their minds and create things that are uniquely them.  I always want people to say that the design matches the clients perfectly. I hope that all of my clients come to know me not only as the expert, but as a friend that they can trust to lead them in the right direction.  Think of me as your event compass and we will navigate this trip together. Allow me to design something that is uniquely YOU!

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Cottage Way Florals and Events